1. "I want to say that I don’t want anything
    but the whisper of yr scarf as you do
    the Dance of the Seven Veils
    soft sound of yr satin slippers on the carpet and the raw, still bloody meat you toss my way
    that I chew all night long."
    — From “The Poetry Deal,” the title poem of Diane Di Prima’s new book, reviewed at The Rumpus by Barbara Berman. (via therumpus)

    (via therumpus)

  2. Just another Saturday practice at Mills.

  3. Nice swing, Stormy.

  4. Stormy, encouraging the rowers to clear their puddles.

  5. Some serious cows

  6. Cowboy IRL

  10. Landlord put trees outside my windows without totally destroying my hummingbird garden

  11. Rock on, Trader Joe’s

  12. Golden delicious fall

  13. Self care “fried” chicken, mac n “cheese,” and a salad by @fagboywonder

  14. Saturday

  15. Why